Welcome to Boston Virtual ATC!
Boston Virtual ATC is a free multiplayer aviation community for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X. We provide live, realistic, and professional virtual air traffic control in a truly communal environment where everyone is willing to learn and happy to help. Because we keep our server restricted to BVA members, you'll work with highly-skilled pilots, many of whom hold or are training for real-world ratings.

We focus on a small airspace to maximize traffic density, hold exciting and challenging events, provide free scenery updates, and integrate our server with custom software for filing flight plans and listening to voice ATIS broadcasts. BVA has numerous community-based and self-study pilot training programs. And above all, members are always happy to help and welcome aviation enthusiasts.

Our rigorously trained and certified online controllers work together with our pilots to provide the most immersive, realistic flight simulation experience available from the comfort of your home. When you're ready to try us out for yourself, find out more about BVA and submit your application.
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